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Twokinds Online Playtest: March 10th @ 6 pm PST!



Edit: All Done! Some videos

Come playtest Twokinds Online throughout the weekend of March 10th!

Head over to to sign up to our mailing list for when it starts.
Fight Npcs
FIght each other
Throw fireballs!

Random character races and gender
Kill npcs, eat food to recover health, and level up.

Built with the latest exploding crate technologies

Casting some fireballs

Throwing fireballs off the roof

Destroying some crates

Come join others in what will be a large open world adventure!

Murdered by a fox

New Features:
Basic AI!
Basic combat!
Smashable crates!

WASD to move
R to toggle Run
X to toggle crouch
Mouse to move camera
Left click to attack
Right click to block
1 to cast a fireball
E to use object (like picking food)

C for character menu
ESC for exiting menu

Please post on this section on my forum to report bugs or post them here.


@judah4 If I am available I would be happy to jump in and kill people- I mean monsters… totally, :slight_smile:


Looks awesome judah!!! :imp: :success: :tada:

Character models giving me (quite accidental) nostalgia for the glorious Castlevania 64


Looks awesome, @judah4! Annoyingly 6pm PST == 2am my time, but I’d be keen to join a future playtest :slight_smile:


Haha, totally unintentional. They are placeholders I picked up off the asset store


Im planning to keep it going during the weekend so hopefully you can still jump on


@judah4 Ok, so my schedule is locked down I’ll be arriving around 8pm your time, hope to see you there :slight_smile:


Awesome! Lots of work was done this week to get the game stable for the playtest. It’s amazing how a deadline can make you prioritize work


It’s live!
Playtest Discord


Had a lot of fun man, and Anne Poltergeist was just downright fun! :smiley: looking forward to the next one, make sure to keep me updated, I subscribed to your mailing list.


Had a quick play for like 3 mins. Liked the music and UI! :slight_smile:

Noticed a few weird things:

  • Massive pile of boxes glitching near some of the buildings :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Attack seemed to behave strangely / inconsistently (often left clicking didn’t do anything? Maybe I am missing something here)
  • Saw a group of NPCs, but when I wandered over to them they disappeared

Great to see that the deployment is still up and relatively stable! Great job.


Thanks guys, its been fun seeing people on.

  • Those boxes spawn in at like 1 every 30 seconds so with no one on to destroy them they take over the world.

  • For attacking, was your stamina depleted? It wont work if your character is fatigued with no stamina and the attack has a 1 second cooldown. Sometimes the animation doesn’t play but it should be working…

  • The Npcs where probably busy, you know how it is. You weren’t able to approach any of them?


Upon checking, i think all the crate movement is making the attack really delayed…


Thanks for playtesting!


It was awesome seeing your game in action! I am looking forward to future playtests. Keep up the good work!