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UE4 create new worker


How to create a new Worker in UE4 as in Unity? In the documentation I did not find anything about it. UE4 documentation is behind Unity. Thanks.


Hey @Andrea-maaak

I assume you are talking about Unreal GDK ? The Unreal GDK is quite diffrent with Unity GDK. Currently ,we proivde a batch file for you to build the assembly .

An assembly is what’s created when you run BuildWorker.bat. They’re .zip files that contains all the files that your game uses when running in the cloud.

In a terminal window, change directory to the root directory of the Third Person Shooter repository.
Build a server-worker assembly by running: Game\Plugins\UnrealGDK\SpatialGDK\Build\Scripts\BuildWorker.bat ThirdPersonShooterServer Linux Development ThirdPersonShooter.uproject
Build a client-worker assembly by running: Game\Plugins\UnrealGDK\SpatialGDK\Build\Scripts\BuildWorker.bat ThirdPersonShooter Win64 Development ThirdPersonShooter.uproject


Yes, I’m talking about unreal GDK. So at this moment it is not possible to create other workers as in the photos in unity?


It is possible and the doucment I have posted is the process of how to create a assembly of the worker in Unreal GDK… In Unity GDK you can do it in Unity Eidtor or spatial worker build but the process is different in Unreal. You basiclly need to build the worker with a batch file we provide…there are more detail in that link.