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Just wanted to have a place for other Unreal Engine users to share who they are and what they are working on. While I am fully aware the UE4 support in SpatialOS is experimental, I figured there were a few other people trying it out.

So without further ado :smile_cat:

My name is Nigel and I am part of a two man studio based out of Oklahoma City, OK USA. We are working on a FPS style “survival” type game where your consciousness infects the AI and you take over a bot while logged in.


Hi Nigel!

Paul, part of a team working on a space-station simulator game using accurately simulated environment.

UE4 support is very experimental, I would like to see improbable publish the build/integration code to a private repo where we can all contribute to the UE4 support. Currently we have to pull the base via a bare-bone example project and host our changes locally, would love to contribute the improvements back!



What version of the Spatial API are you using. Im working on building up our project in a similar manor, but cant seem to get the SpatialOS plugin to compile with the 9.0.2 API’s


Hi all. H. Jonas Rhynedahll here – just Rhynedahll for any and all purposes. We’ve been working for about six months on a fantasy themed, hard core role playing game.

We’ve been waiting for tech like this to easily enable massive multiplayer, but after trying 9.0.2 and learning that the api has not been and will not be “in the immediate future” updated to work with UE4, we’ve put Spatial on the back burner.

I’d be interested to learn of your success with the current version of SpatialOS and if at all possible, the details concerning what changes are necessary to make it work.


Hi, I’m working on a MMORPG. It is a solo project for long time so I can test out technologies. I have all my network layer working now but SpatialOS gets my attention. Currently I tried to create a simple test project with the version 9.0.2 API without success, the plugin simple does not compile. If we could get a repo with improbable code for UE4 integration we could work on support with them. Now I put Spatial aside and came back to my actual code until the UE4 is better supported.


I have emailed developers@ to request repo access to us UE4 developers so we can contribute back. I have modifications to the unreal header tool to build my schema files from UPROPERTIES and UFUNCTIONS making for a very seamless integration.



Would you consider open sourcing your UHT modifications? And are you using SpatialOS


Hey everybody! Rob from Improbable here.

We’re currently trying to learn as much as we can about what the community is looking to achieve with Unreal. One topic of internal discussion right now is besides client-side visualisation, whether people are planning to use Unreal as their ‘server worker’ running in the cloud for physics, AI, etc, or whether they are planning on creating their own server workers.



I am if improbable opens to external contributions, not sure the EULA we signed allows for me to distribute in current form.


I had planned to use UE4 as a ‘server worker’ in the way Unity is used but some changes will be required as UE4Server already overlaps with SpatialOS duties in certain places. (Networking, replication, server authority). My plan was to patch the UE4 server build to be spatial-OS aware so it knows it’s role in the world.

I already have a worker that simulates my in-game CPUs (one of the reasons improbable exists in first place: ION!) so I guess a bit of both is the answer for me!



We would want the integration of Spatial with UE4 to be as seamless as possible – meaning little or no engine modification.

Our aspirations for our project include making it a massively multiplayer persistent world.

However, after reading the pricing thread, it appears that the number of workers needed (hundreds of AIs, thousands of players) would make using Spatial exorbitantly expensive.



I think it might be a combination of both for us. We are wanting to leverage some AI middleware (Kythera) in our game. Ideally a “simple” seamless integration would be best, but if some engine modifications need to take place so that the UE4 server can play nice in a spatial world, then that is the route that we’ll be on with you guys :wink:

Thanks for popping into this thread btw!


Att first I plan to use it as a server worker but more workers could be used in future. I need a seamless integration too, and I willing to modify the engine if it is needed. The problem is about pricing as I’m seeking a solution to rip of my photon layer, so if spatial solves the photon and ubreak network layer with a good price, I will be willing to go further with the conversion.


I would like to have UE4 as my server worker as well, something nearly seamless integration wise with how UE4 currently works. Adding specific macros for UPROPERTY and UFUNCTION to create the necessary schema files sounds fantastic. Custom engine build would be acceptable, as long as its maintained.


I’d really like to not leave the UE4 environment when building a game in the engine. Having to maintain multiple code bases (one for server, one for client, one for AI, etc) seems like a small nightmare for indie teams. Right now, UE4 handles everything in one code base, you just need to build multiple targets. If SpatialOS’s UE4 integration could seamlessly integrate with that style, it would make development very easy, and allow for more unique and interesting games to come out of it.


A native UE physical worker should be great too but after reading a little on pricing thread I think the price for them could be really expansive due to resources consumption for running UE4 instances. For games which uses the native networking model of unreal, this integration will easy things out but the costs should worth it. If a worker of that kind have high prices, a workaround with server workers and physical simulation on client would be better, even not being the best thing.


@rob -

It would be awesome to have blueprint support for the workers for SpatialOS. I personally am an artist that works with UE4 Plugins and Unreal 4 blueprint system daily. I want to be as productive as our programmers.

That said - I do realize that BP does have its limits. But those limits can be circumvented via the BP to C++ tool that Unreal 4 has.

Please consider blueprint support.

Sorry for the ramble,


Hello all stalking the forums while my builds are running. New to SpatialOS but been playing with Unreal on and off since UDK and Unreal Script. I am not part of an office team but me and friends like to dabble and make a few small game / challenges. I like the idea of SpatialOS because we always wanted to make a massive world the we can have fun with. I currently have been testing Json in Unreal but I see many limitations to what I would like it to do so I am here checking this out.