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[UE4] Development SpatialOS won't run in tutorial



I have issue with tutorial.

I have built UE 4.20 SpatialOS fork.
I tred to launch the tutorial which I have followed.

But for some reason I keep getting stuck at this point.

#6th In Unreal Editor, in the SpatialOS GDK toolbar, select Launch .

I get these errors in console

[improbable.worker.assembly.WorkerAssemblyProviderFactory] Loaded worker assemblies for these     workers types: UnrealClient, UnrealWorker.
[improbable.worker.assembly.WorkerAssemblyProvider] Component 'unreal.GlobalStateManager' does not exist but was specified as a target of a global component streaming query for worker type 'UnrealClient'.
[improbable.module.ModuleNode] Validating worker configurations failed--please double check your configuration, try reuploading your assembly, or contact support if this error persists.
[improbable.deployment.GameLauncher$] SpatialOS runtime startup failed.

Am I missing something?

please advise :slight_smile:
thank you :slight_smile:


you might want to get latest of everything - its not exactly the same as an issue i had, but i had a similar message from a deprecated thing being referenced somewhere when i had gotten one of the repos days after the others.


Hey, I would recommend as Semi suggested, pull the latest UnrealGDK, latest 4.20-SpatialOSUnrealGDK UnrealEngine, latest tutorial branch and then re-run Setup.bat from your UnrealGDK plugin folder. Essentially you just have some miss-matched versions of these repositories :smiley:. We’re working on making it more clear in the future which commit of each repo is compatible with each other.


Ok thank you I will report back if it works.