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UE4 Getting started


For an actual getting started; if I was to remake my current project with the spatial fork. Are there any specifics that I need to know?
Someone mentioned that its still supposed to reflect the same style of programming in Unreal for multiplayer…

So do I keep with normal game modes/game instances/states but just replace old Unreal network stuff for spatial network stuff (whatever I find on the api I guess)?


Hi @Vegeta, for using the Unreal GDK with your project with one server, the style of programming is the exact same as normal Unreal multiplayer, which means you get to keep the normal game modes, game instances, etc. If your game is not crazy complex you should be able to port it with relative ease.

The differences comes when you want to expand to multiple servers and communicate between them. Check out our docs regarding what APIs we have for that. However, still in this multi-server scenario, you will be using normal Unreal Actors, like GameState but with an expanded API.


@Sahil thanks, I will look into the API more. I would need multiple servers as the game plan is to have instanced maps so the maps need to be persistent so that players can have updated behaviour in one or the other (seeing others in a different map). Hopefully I can also use some spatial servers for chat management, unless thats better left to the “master”.