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UE4 Pixel Streaming w/ SpatialOS


I’m looking to see if there is any known (or unknown!) compatibility between SpatialOS and the new Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming feature. The feature docs and setup can be viewed here:

There is some initial setup to get pixel streaming functioning correctly (locally) and I’m wondering what I can expect before diving in and testing this out myself w/ Spatial (or if I’m being naive about Spatial’s architecture).

For example, streaming out player views would place a high gpu load on each spatial instance(this can be done in headless mode in Unreal), will spatial scale based on gpu usage (vs default cpu usage)?


Hey @Gypaetus,

SpatialOS server-workers can’t fulfil this function for two reasons:

  • They don’t have GPUs, so they can’t rendered and encode output into a media stream.
  • SpatialOS server-workers only run in a Linux environment, whereas the Pixel Streaming Plugin, the WebRTC Proxy Server, and the Signalling and Web Server only run in a Windows environment.

For this reason, while there’s no fundamental incompatibility, if you wanted to run a SpatialOS UE4 game on a remote device via Pixel Streaming you’d need to use a separate server infrastructure to fulfil the Pixel Streaming aspect of the product.


Thanks a ton for the response and reasoning on this.