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UE4 Rpgdemo: No offense, but your blueprints look like spagheti



This should just be taken as a general comment.

For me at least, a key to understanding execution flow in a UE4 blueprint is a good, neat organization. Unreal has taken pains to provide mechanisms, such as re-route nodes, to allow a coder to order blueprint nodes and connections in a more or less standard manner.

The first thing that I had to do when I opened a blueprint in the Rpgdemo was to rearrange everything to actually be able to understand what was happening.

While this is not a serious issue, it does retard my impulse to “jump right in and get started.”


Hey @Rhynedahll, that’s very useful feedback to have. We’ll certainly be cleaning things like this up now that the GDC push has finished. :slight_smile:


Great feedback, thanks! No offense taken - these sorts of comments are exactly what we need to hear so we can prioritise where to improve. Don’t ever be afraid to be negative!