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Unable to connect to Deployed Server


Ok so I started messing around with this this evening. I have it downloaded and installed properly. I attempted to run a local build and the Unity Workers are unable to load the SDK’s dll even though it’s right where it should be. So I decided to forget about local builds and go right to deploying it to the cloud. Once deployed everything seems to work fine but no matter what I do I am unable to connect to any of the demo/tutorial servers. I’ve tried the Pirates, Hello World, and the starter project. Same result on all of them I am simply unable to connect.

On the Hello World one I am able to view the inspector and I can see the lumber jacks moving around, barracks being built, and wizards fighting so I know the server is working properly.


Hey @revivalinme,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with spatialOS. If you could clarify a few points for me that will help us debug your issue:

  • What is your spatialOS version? You can discover this by running spatial diagnose in your project folder.
  • What is your Unity version?
  • What is your operating system?
  • When you open the inspector, can you see a Unity worker running? If you’re unsure, please attach a screenshot.

If you are not doing so already, I would strongly recommend following this guide to get the Wizards demo (previously called Hello World) up and running. In that way you can call out specific steps (i.e #5-deploy-to-the-cloud) to guide our debugging efforts.


SDK version is 12.0.3
Unity version is 5.6 (the recommended version)
OS is Windows 10
And yes depending on the Demo I am using Pirates has 1 unity worker running and the Wizards/Hello World Demo has 2 unity workers running.

When I attempt to start a local copy of the server the Unity workers start up and then crash right away with the following error in the logs:

Failed to load ‘C:/Users/James/AppData/Local/Temp/zip-downloader8197766707908947781/f5e80e4eb052a15d34820aacda114f6f/UnityWorker@Windows_Data/Plugins/CoreSdkDll.dll’ with error 'The specified module could not be found.

I have seen others with this same error but no reports of people getting it to work. I have checked to make sure the dll is in that location and it is in fact there.

Also I have the deploy currently running and here is the link for the client - - I wonder if maybe it’s something on my end.


as for that guide I just looked over it and everything in that guide is what I have been doing.


Hey @revivalinme,

Good news, we’ve just released SpatialOS 12.0.4 which contains a patch to fix your issue. Please follow this guide to upgrade, then you should no longer receive the error, my apologies for the inconvenience it caused.


I am still getting the same error with both Pirates and Wizards after upgrading.

Edit: Just tried deploying it to the cloud as well and still unable to connect.

Edit: Just looked through the logs on the deployed Demo and I am now receiving this warning message on the wizard demo:

[Worker: UnityWorker0] NPC failed to receive Harvest response
in -[WorkerLogger:Unity]


Ok any ideas what I could be doing wrong? I have followed all the documentation available… I have upgraded to 12.0.4 and still getting the same error that it can’t find the SDK module and I am still unable to connect to a deployed server.


Ok after some more playing around I have discovered that the client is also getting the error that the module can’t be found which more then likely explains why I can’t connect to a deployed Demo Server.

Failed to load ‘C:/tools/debc1e4d8a79b1326a754378751cee51/UnityClient@Windows_Data/Plugins/CoreSdkDll.dll’ with error ‘The specified module could not be found.

The file exists in the place it’s looking for it, the name is exactly what it’s looking for.

Edit: For some reason the file size of the dll in the compiled client is different then what it is in the unity project. In the Unity Project it is 4.09MB while in the compiled client it’s only 3.11MB


Hello @revivalinme,

Again sorry that you are running into issues. Could your provide us with more detailed logs than just the line that you have posted about the DLL not being found? Is this reproducable when you run a local deployment that you start with spatial local launch? And last but not least could your provide us, as @oliverbalaam asked earlier, with the output given by spatial diagnose?

I know that these are a lot of pieces of information but they will definitely increase our chances for understanding what is going on with your deployment. :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Thanks for getting back to me. I have actually gotten it to work. It seems that the SDK build for 32 bit builds is incomplete. When I changed to 64 bit builds for both the client and server the dll issues were resolved.


That would certainly explain the issue as we do not support 32-bit builds. :slight_smile:

Great to hear that you have everything working now. :+1:


If you guys don’t support 32 bit builds then you may want to go in and change player-build-config so it creates a 64bit build by default instead of a 32bit build…

“UnityClient”: {
“Targets”: [
“Assets”: “Streaming”