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Unexpected reference to combatWriter in docs



On the page covering the World Commands the example that demonstrates that you can create an entity using the SpatialOS.Commands.CreateEntity command shows its first parameter to be a combatWriter variable. But on that page no mention is given to the combatWriter, nor what the function of this variable is.


p.s. I know the FAQ mentions this on the page but it would be nice to at least have a reference to that section


I was just rewriting my code to be compliant with the examples to use a writer. Here I discovered that this only works with the experimental writers and not with the default writers. Perhaps it is good to add that to the docs too


Thanks for reporting this! – The new APIs should definitely not depend on the experimental ones and I’ve filed a bug report so that we can get this fixed for the next version!


Just to clear up some confusion here.

The new APIs are bound to the experimental APIs. We are planning to make it so the experimental APIs have feature parity (and improvements) with the old APIs and then deprecate the olds ones. For now, you must use the experimental APIs to use the new stuff.

This will be coming out in the 10.X release. We will be giving more details on this shortly.

Will make sure the docs are updated.