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Unity and limit?


Ho there!

I’m new in forum and I have couple questions to developers.

  1. You said thousand of players, but what about Unity limitations Concurrent users ? Free 20, plus 50, pro 200?

  2. What I need to run server for global? I need hosting? Where I can find some information about run server?

  3. What other player need to run game and join?

  4. How this solution work? One world and anyone can join or anyone can create world and play? I’m not sure how this work.

Maybe this questions is lame but this system is really advanced. I read docs about unity but I’m not sure how this work :slight_smile:


Hi there, I’m also new here but I think I can answer your questions.

1 & 2) I believe when you use SpacialOS you are using their servers. As such, Unity’s concurrency limits don’t apply (they only apply to their own servers according to this thread), and you wouldn’t need to set up your own hosting. It’s all done though SOS.

  1. Well, your project, made probably in Unity or Unreal, would use the SOS SDK. Anyone who joins would need a build of that project, just like any non-web multiplayer game. I don’t think they’d need anything from SOS specifically, as it would be included in the build of your game. I’m sure the docs cover this in detail.

  2. I imagine, but am not certain, that there is just one world that everyone connects to; that is after all the point of the system.


As for the one world; SpatialOS is designed around having one continuous gameworld. Instancing, for example, is something that SpatialOS does not excel at; but if you want one big gameworld: it does. It is possible to have shards by launching multiple deployments, but that is not something a player could do.


Hi again :slight_smile:
Yesterday I launch wizard demo and now I know what exactly is SOS :slight_smile: Great solution!
One question. I launch deployment in eu1 if player from USA launch game what with lags?

Also why deployment auto stop? It’s only when is development mode on?

Other question I have, what about store information about what happened in scene, for example I drop something so I created entity. When I leave game this entity will exist on scene? Server store information about this action yes?