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Unity FPS "Get Started"



Unity gets lots of these:
Unknown error occurred while loading


and these:

Unknown error occurred while loading ‘C:/Users/philip/dev/improbable/gdk-for-unity-fps-starter-project/workers/unity/Assets/Fps/Scenes/FPS-SimulatedPlayerCoordinator/NavMesh.asset’. UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr)

I tried the current written instructions ( Unity 2018.3.2 and friends, c5392ed7 on the FPS code) on both Windows and Mac, and then cribbed the versions from the accompanying youtube video (not consistent with the written ones) and got stuck at the same step - working around the Baking Navmesh bug.

Is it me?



As written in the second step of “Get Started” (, you need to re-bake the navmesh.


Hi Nycolas,

Thanks for responding so quickly.

I mentioned re-baking in my query: An FPS-Start_Large object is not present in the hierarchy pane - maybe due to the errors (not warnings)?



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Someone else had a similar problem in November 2018:


Hi @ptam, would you be up for DM’ing me your editor log so that we can look into this for you?


Did you make sure the scene FPS-SimulatedPlayerCoordinator is opened?