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Unity GDK: TryGetSpatialOSEntityIdForGameObject



TryGetSpatialOSEntityIdForGameObject does not find the spatial entity.
When doing a Physics.OverlapSphere query I get several collisions with spatialOS entity related prefabs (query from within an UnityGameLogic script and prefabs initiated by the GameObjectCreationHelper)
When trying to get the corresponding entity I get no results.
I have both a UnityGameLogic prefab and a UnityClient prefab associated with the entity. When running the game the Unity Inspector shows both representations with a SpatialOSComponent.

What am I missing?


Hey @robbert122,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I’ve flagged this with the team and we’ll take a look in to this for you.



Looks like it has to do with the hierarchy of the gameobject. When I move the Box Collider from the sub-node to the main gameobject node it works!
Its strange. The code worked with the Unity SDK version.


Hey @robbert122,

thanks for getting back to me - good to know that this has been fixed and it’s working! Also thanks for sharing the solution, good to know if anyone else also encounters the same issue!