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Unity quit unexpectedly


Hello folks,

when i opened my unity project cloning from git , within 1 minute it will be crash Unexpectedly.
Any idea what is happening ? i’m beginner in SpartialOS


Hey @dushyant-bhatt,

Could you please follow these steps to find your Editor log and upload it here?

Also, could you please provide a bit more information about your working environment (operating system, unity version, GDK for unity version, whether you’re using the FPS or Blank Starter project, and what your Editor is doing when it crashes)?


Hello @oliverbalaam,

first of all Thanks for reply ,

I’m working with Mac OS Mojave(V10.14.1) with Unity 2018.2.14f1 , till now i’m using FPS and it will be crash, but now i’hv opened Blank Starter project and it will runs without any error.
here is log file.
Editor.log (758.7 KB)


Hey @dushyant-bhatt,

I can’t see the editor crash in that log file, it’s possible that the editor overwrote those logs with new ones when you opened the Blank Project.

Could you please delete all existing .log files in ~/Library/Logs/Unity/, then reproduce the crash by opening the FPS project and leaving the editor to idle for a minute, and upload the new log file that generates?


Hello, @oliverbalaam
when i’m importing the FPS project i’m getting this type of error

and than no longer response in Unity and Need to Force Quit. and Log file is attached here Editor.log (436.8 KB)

have you any idea , why this is happening anything else i’m missing ?

Using Mac OS Mojave(V10.14.1) with Unity 2018.2.14f1 as given in


Hey @dushyant-bhatt,

Judging by this error message:

The file [/Users/darshit_g_macmini/Desktop/gdk-for-unity/workers/unity/Packages/com.improbable.gdk.buildsystem/package.json] cannot be found.

It looks as though you may have git cloned the GDK for Unity FPS Starter Project but not the GDK for Unity itself?

For the FPS Starter project to function you need to have the GDK and the FPS Starter project cloned into the same directory (your desktop in this case). It should look something like:

├── gdk-for-unity-fps-starter-project
├── gdk-for-unity

Please let me know if this is indeed the cause of the problem.

With regards to the Editor becoming unresponsive if it cannot find a project’s dependencies, I’ll try to reproduce that and report it to Unity if I can.