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I am wondering if anyone can explain to me in layman terms what is happening with unity & spatial in terms of distributed game objects and licencing.

I am a unity noob just prototyping an idea for a multiplayer network game and saw Spatial and thought wow with a big F awesome.
I got really excited about the idea of partitioning game objects and the plethora of possibilities this could give.
My initial noob take on things is no gripe with Spatial but what is going on with Unity as they have just closed off a load of awesome possibility but strangely don’t have an in-house alternative.
That is what I don’t get as why would unity just say no to something that doesn’t really encroach on any core service apart from they seem to want to dictate you will use their servers or Google cloud only?

So I thought I would ask here as I am a noob to game engines in what is purely the opinion of others when it comes to unity.
I haven’t really worked out what their strategy is, my Unity dev intro has been brilliant as 2 weeks in I am actually starting to get quite confident on realising my prototype that I will not run into a skill cul-de-sac.
Am I going to waste a lot of time with unity who seem to be operating in what could be said of the bad old days of Apple/Microsoft enforced usage control?
Purely opinion what do you devs think from unity to UE

Hey @rolyan-trauts,

Welcome to our forum community :slight_smile:

I can’t speak on behalf of all our devs or offer insight on the differences between Unity and UE, I’ll leave that to our dev pros on here!

However, I just wanted to clarify - and in case you weren’t aware of it previously, especially if this is the case you’re referring to - that SpatialOS still very much supports developers working on Unity.

Back in January, Unity changed their Terms of Service (ToS) and suspended our access to unity licenses. We asked them to reviews their ToS, which were pitting games being built on SpatialOS (and other cloud services) at risk for many developers, not just our devs using SpatialOS.

The issue was resolved, we re-gained our access to our Unity licenses and we’ve been able to provide full support to developers building games with SpatialOS and Unity since. We’re confident this situation won’t happen again and we continue to support and update SpatialOS to work with Unity.

Hope this helps answer some of your question.


That is what I couldn’t work out and thanks for replying but to be honest didn’t want to push anyone from Improbable to commit to ant reply on it.
I am still juggling with either unity or UE4 even though I have been working with Unity.
I was just wondering if this had any effect or made any Unity Devs jittery to future adoption and curious to their thoughts.