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Is the 2018.2.8 only version of Unity working with spatialOS?


Hey @nenadmisic,

Yes, the SpatialOS Game Development Kit for Unity currently only supports Unity 2018.2.8 which you can download here. However, we’re adding Unity 2018.2.14 in the next couple of days.

We update our supported Unity version frequently. You can always find the latest supported version listed here and I’ll also let you know in this thread when we release Unity 2018.2.14 support.

Welcome to the community :blush:.


Hey @nenadmisic,

I just wanted to let you know that we released the GDK for Unity version 0.1.2 last Thursday. The default supported Unity version is now 2018.2.14f1.

To update, simple git checkout 0.1.2 in the gdk-for-unity repo.