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Unity World Streaming with ECS and GDK



Elo, after watching the talk by Unity on Streaming and Serialisation using ECS, I was wondering if a world streaming example or suggested techniques post for use with the GDK are on the roadmap, or something you guys are actively researching? Although not specific to the network solution, in my opinion its pretty high importance to achieve the overall goal of large open worlds many users of SoS are aiming for.



Hey @b14de, sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

We currently don’t have a world streaming example using ECS on our roadmap, although we have planned Core ECS and Monobehaviour API changes based on feedback and learnings. ECS is something we’re interested in exploring though and we’ll keep everyone informed on any news or updates.

You can always check out our public roadmap here.

Nee :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Nee, thanks for the reply there. I had noticed it wasnt on the public roadmap but just wanted to check there wasn’t some other research already going on before making a start on this.
Thanks for the confirmation :slight_smile: