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Unknown components which do not correspond to valid component ID

Hey all! I am brand spanking new to SpatialOS and I am really struggling to get the ball rolling.

I am trying to get shared movement setup in my test game, so I looked at the FPS game that seems to have shared movement. I wasn’t ever able to get the FPS game to function in Unity, but I was able to get the blank project working. So, after looking at the FPS code for a while, and studying the docs, I have started to copy pieces over, specifically the schema files for shared movement and the Vector1k thing they have.

I got everything setup (I’m pretty sure), there are no build errors, the packages line up, and I can access all the generated schema files perfectly, fine, however when I run the game and it tries to create my player, I get the error in the image below.

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? I have googled around and looked through Spatial docs but I have found nothing in reference to this. Not sure where to go at this point, and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • Sterling Long!

Hi @Luzzotica ,
By FPS game do you mean FPS UnityGDK sample project?
Could you please add more context on the problems you are facing in the above project?


Hello @Luzzotica ,

May I also suggest that you check out the Transform Synchronization Feature Module - - it makes it easier for you to synchronize your Transform information.

Nevertheless, please provide us more info regarding your project.