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Unreal Engine 4.21 when will it be added?

Any date or timeline for this?

Hey @Zewy,

UE4.20 (and hopefully beyond!) is on the roadmap but it’s currently low priority and there is no set date for it at the moment. If there’s any changes or news, we’ll be letting you know and you can keep an eye on the roadmap as well as announcements here on the forums and our Discord channel too.


Hi Zewy,

I ported the Improbable IO changes to 4.21 a little while ago. You can get it here:

This hasn’t been extensively tested other than it builds. It’s up to date as of commit b309e4a6f4f10b36df4e91de78f3617839b89f09. I’ll update to the latest now a75f31b29b177a02e9272985780888aca175001f.


Sorry @Zewy, an edit to my last response, that should be UE4.21, rather than 4.20!

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