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[Unreal GDK Feedback] Supporting worlds beyond 20km in UE4


Hey SpatialOS,

Just thought i would share this with you all. In UE4 there is a tool called World Composition. A tool of that is World Origin Shifting.This shifts the scene / World origin to 0,0,0 every time the player moves so far away from where they started from.

Here are the PhysX docs on this feature.

I am bringing this up as I noticed on your trello road map that Coordinate remapping was mentioned. I just want to save you some time and work. It also works in Multiplayer. See this Pull Request that was merged a while back.

Have a great day,


Hey @HeadClot, thanks for reaching out and providing reference material! We are indeed planning to explore using World Composition / World Origin Remapping once we start working on this problem. It’s an important feature to tackle, but our short term roadmap is full of higher priority items. We’ll get there! :slight_smile: