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Unreal Multiserver Shooter tutorial problems/questions



Hi, I’m following the tutorial and have launched the game locally, but I’m getting a lot of warnings in the launch terminal:

CreateSavedMove: Hit limit of 96 saved moves (timing out or very bad ping?) -[WorkerLogger:Unreal]


Couldn’t remove actor (entity 51) from registry: Actor == nullptr -[WorkerLogger:Unreal]
[improbable.bridge.logging.EngineLogMessageHandler] [Worker: UnrealClientD24B1B454C2A5C8AF00F0C87936C2E5F] Tried to remove entity ID 51 from registry but it wasn’t there. -[WorkerLogger:Unreal]

Are these warnings normal?

I should mention that I had to replace ““component_name”: “unreal.GlobalStateManager”” with ““component_name”: “unreal.SingletonManager”” in the files spatialos.UnrealClient.worker.json and spatialos.UnrealWorker.worker.json in order for the game to run locally. Why is it neccessary to make that change?



“CreateSavedMove: Hit limit of 96 saved moves (timing out or very bad ping?) -[WorkerLogger:Unreal]”

It should be normal if that warning happen when a client connect to a server or when a client go from one server to another, the reason is simple, the client is accumulating moves waiting for the acknowledge of the server to clean those off, in those 2 situations that I mention before I could take longer time than usual, even a few seconds, to receive that acknowledge.

“Why is it neccessary to make that change?”

I think that I read in the discord that it was because the update of the new runtime, they rename that manager.


Thanks a lot for the response :slight_smile: