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Nested type support would be very handy. If you could expose support for generating 32bit bitmask enums as well that would be awesome.


Hi @lexx. Do you have a test case for the nested types? We’ve looked over the code generation code and it looks like it should work with 11.0.0, however we are currently working on improving the code generation so if you have any examples that doesn’t work please let us know.

As for 32-bit bit-masked enum that is something we would need to discuss internally a bit more as it most likely would mean changes to schema language. Can you give us some examples on how you want to use this in context to our code generation?




Hi @erik . Basically I’d be using nested types as i would a struct, it’s mostly just to cut down on variable declaration, as for now I have just made three vars to use to determine a location, such as enum with other identifiers, it generating a FStruct would ideal to work with. i’ll give it a try and see what happens. As for large bitmask enums they are to avoid using arrays of enums. Also in the editor it’s nice to just check flags.