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Unreal SDK schemalang types restriction




I would like to know why is there some restriction with schemalang types using Unreal SDK ? I mean blueprint will not be able to use it but simply remove the BlueprintType UPROPERTY specifier and all will be fine since C++ SDK can use it. :smile:

Add a warning like “be careful this variable will be only available with C++ (no Blueprint accessor)” to inform user.

It will increase possibilites with Unreal SDK this way !

Thanks in advance


Hi there! Glad to hear you’re trying out our Unreal SDK!

You’re absolutely right about the type restrictions, they are there purely because the types aren’t supported in blueprints. We have discussed internally how to expose those types in Unreal, and exposing them in just C++ is definitely a good option. I don’t know exactly when we’ll have a better plan for these types, but I do know that we want to make sure we do it in a way that is simple, clear, and consistent with the rest of the SDK.

We’re constantly making improvements to our SDKs, so keep an eye out for changes!


I’d be happy with a flag for codegen for now