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Unreal SpatialOS Component Documentation



I have learned a lot from studying the RPG demo, and the currently available documentation. I have started delving into making my own SpatialOS components. I feel like this is where the documentation and examples really falter. I only see details regarding custom components in the abstract, but no examples to speak of. It would be really helpful to have more documentation on best practices when it comes to writing my own component classes. Especially since this is the most critical part of SpatialOS’s multiplayer replication system.


Hey @Sorrien! Thanks so much for this feedback! We’ll be beefing up our Unreal docs with the release of 12.0, and continuing to add significantly more over the next few months. We’ll be sure to take a look at custom components in the refurb. :sunny:


Thank you, the improvements made in 11.0 were spectacular as well.