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Unreal + SpatialOS + MMORPG - Should it be done?




I’ve seen Fractured, which is done with SpatialOS + Unity, and I was left thinking - can a MMORPG be done on Unreal with SpatialOS?

I’ve started prototyping a project with my team and we wanted to go towards Unreal because it seems graphically more awesome. We’ve seen a fair amount of MMORPGs and we have an ambicious idea of creating an world procedurally, updating the client so it can see a fair amount of different worlds, and finishing it with awesome action MMORPG combat, which leaves me thinking: how far can we go with Unreal + SpatialOS?

Should we forget about Unreal and just go for Unity? Maybe all these things are too much work so we should lower down the scope of what we’re developing? (i.e instead of create worlds procedurally, we just create one and mirror these, similar to 99% of the MMORPGs?)

We’re still iterating through designs and preparing prototypes, so we’re okay with Unreal GDK being on alpha.


Hi @Sakushi, you definitely can go far by using the Unreal Engine with SpatialOS. I would recommend initially focusing on gameplay design and small scale prototypes before going to the large world immediately.