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Unreal stably named actor's entityId

If multiple ds servers load a map and the static objects on the map need to be synchronized, the USpatialActorChannel::TryResolveActor will generate an entityId for it. Will each server generate an entityId for this static object? How do you avoid this?

Hey @wang-yb ,

An answer to your question here is that only a single server (the one that has gained authority over the GSM) will attempt to spawn actors placed in the world and thus generate an EntityID, this means that TryResolveActor will only be called once for each actor in the world, the other servers will receive the CreateEntityRequest and know the actors entityID that way.

However as a side note it looks as though you may be trying to do multi-zoned workers which at the moment isn’t supported, the current expected release for this is h1 2020 so stay tuned to for an official announcement on this!

Kind regards,