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Unreal StarterProject won't launch through Spatial Launcher


Hi, I’m having quite an annoying problem with the UnrealStarterProject. I’m able to build the project, upload it to spatial server and launch the assembly. But when I press “Launch” in the console and Spatial launcher starts to download the project the loading stalls at 100% and nothing happens even if I wait for an hour. I got the project working locally and I have also been able to successfully run and play another project that is uploaded to cloud. Where could I start looking for fix or has someone come up and resolved this same issue?


Update. If I press the “Launch” multiple times launcher will load up to 100% and the give an error message “Failed to unzip client”


Hi Pillorasva,

Could you PM me the project name of yours? Which SDK version are you using (it should be 12.0.4).

Could you also send me your Operating System?