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Unreal Tutorial - Any eta?


Hi SpatialOS team!

I have recently started to play around with SpatialOS. I have to say that its exactly what I needed for my game.

I was just wondering if there was an ETA for when the unreal tutorial will be finished? The unity tutorial is quite handy and would have loved to have the same for unreal to figure out the core concepts of Spatial/Unreal interaction.


Hi @pn.ghodasara,

Glad you’ve been finding the tutorials useful! We’re planning to release the next lesson of the Unreal tutorial in the next month (and hopefully a bit earlier), although we don’t have an ETA for the rest of them yet. Hope that helps!


Hi there, i’m also a new ue4 spatialOS user. i’d like to use ue4.18.3 and android build in addition to current example. and, any VR example/template in the near future? thx!


Hey @jackie,

No plans for any VR examples in Unreal, sorry about that. We’re currently expecting to release Unreal 4.18 support in SpatialOS 12.3 (but no date for that yet).


@jackie Both Starter and RPGDemo build fine with VS2015 and UE 4.17.1 and 4.18.3