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Unreal Workers Not working

I am deploying an Unreal Engine simulation, with multiple workers

However none of the config files work, defaul, two_worker etc. The inspector says that there are no workers.

Is this a bug?

Have I missed a step?

Any help is appreciated :smiley:

Hi @Taikatou,

I see you’ve posted in a couple of locations so I’m not sure if this is resolved yet. With the information you’ve given me so far here it’s hard to tell what the source of the problem is. One thing you can check is if your assembly actually contains the workers you built. In the deployment console, if you select the assembly tab, do you see the listed in there?

Other than that, are you seeing any errors in the logs of your deployment?

Hi Kevin, is there but the logs say the worker couldn’t start

Hi @Kevin I have fixed the log issues however the inspector just isnt working, whoing no details worker information etc.

Hi @Taikatou,

Sorry but I’m not sure what you mean by having fixed the log issues. Do you mean that you are no longer getting any errors from the workers failing to connect? Also when you say the inspector isn’t working, are you just not seeing information about connected workers, or is the inspector unable to connect to your deployment and view any information at all?

Hi Kevin,

My workers are now going online, however more than one worker results in any connected clients being just a black screen There is nothing in the logs.



Hi @Taikatou,

Unfortunately multi-server isn’t supported yet for the Unreal GDK. For now we advise testing on single server setups and hopefully we’ll have multi-server ready for you soon.