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Greetings Spatial Overlords and others alike,

Error in the starter project that I just resolved and want to share.

Upon adding some components/changing names/what have you for my “Spawner” object, I ran the generatesnapshot.bat to regenerate a new snapshot with the updated names and well, I kept getting an error about an unknown Component ID of 54 (Metadata). Long story short the problem is this line:

using Components =
worker::Components<spawner::Spawner, Persistence, EntityAcl, Position, player::HeartbeatSender, player::HeartbeatReceiver>;


The Metadata is missing from that components list. Adding Metadata to the list of components fixed the error.

Hope this helps out anyone else. :slight_smile:


Edit: P.S. Was pointed out to me it is “Metadata” not “MetaData” for anyone looking to fix this right now vs later :slight_smile: we all love C++ case SeNsitiVitY!


Hey @Dizenth,

Thanks for the feedback! I’ve raised a ticket for us to update the project to use a new feature: we can now auto-generate that Component list so it never gets out of date. :slight_smile:


Wooooo, awesome! Always fantastic and exciting things to look forward to :star_struck:

Thank you jared :slight_smile:


LOL thank you @Dizenth saved me so headache!!