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Upcoming changes to the Deployment Overview Page



Understanding the health of a deployment from the Deployment Overview page has become a bit of a dark art, taught exclusively in pre version 9 versions of Spatial.

Over in the webtools and design team, we have been designing an update to the Deployment Overview page to provide a clearer deployment health status and visibility of latest errors.

This post runs through these upcoming changes which are scheduled for development March 27 - April 7th: please raise any feedback or concerns before then!

###A Single Deployment Status

Instead of the two statuses shown above, there will be a single deployment status with these states:

The status of specific nodes can still be accessed from the Advanced tab.

###Last Hour’s Logs Preview

There is currently no visibility of FATAL or ERROR level log messages from the deployment overview page (the current “Fabric Status” is based on a set of preconfigured alerts).

A mini timeline of log messages over the last hour will be added for each running deployment:

###Alerts tab

The alerts tab will remain as is. Please note that these alerts are currently not user configurable.

SpatialOS Web v1.24 Release Notes