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Updated Unity Documentation


In November in this forum post it was stated that there’s some new Unity documentation in the works. This documentation would include ways for new developers to the platform to easily get started with SpatialOS.

After playing around with SpatialOS, I understand the basics of how it works from the FPS demo, however starting from scratch there’s not a lot of info on some of the most basic things. I was wondering if there was an eta on this documentation or if it was even still in the works.

I understand this project is in alpha, but with many game developers starting to hear about and wanting to try it, I feel it’s an important step forward for the growth of the platform.


Hey @Sketched,

I agree that this documentation is urgently needed and have raised the priority level of this work. In the meantime, if you have any specific questions I or one of my colleagues can answer them here.


In the upcoming release, EntityBuilder has been removed from Improbable.Gdk.Core.
What is the recommended way to implement a super basic and not-interesting entity from start to finish now?
For those of us using the blank starter proj and following the docs here: , after defining an entity schema and regenerating, the docs display the next step as defining an EntityTemplate using an EntityBuilder.


Hey @Gypaetus,

When the upcoming release 0.1.4 is released it will include updated documentation on explaining how to do this.


Understood. I can handle ‘sit tight’ with an imminent release.