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Updates to Tutorials!



Hi everyone!

:dizzy: We’ve made some changes to the Wizards Demo (formerly known as the Hello World! Tutorial) so that new users can take a whistle-stop tour around the best bits of SpatialOS. If you’re missing the walk-through of how to launch locally, you can find it (and more workflow pointers) in the “Developing with SpatialOS” section.

:skull_crossbones: You can also expect to see some updates to the Pirates Tutorial in the coming weeks, as that becomes the first port of call for new Unity users! And keep an eye out for new recipes coming your way; these are designed to be building blocks for your blank project.

:mortar_board: All of our learning resources are catalogued here. As always, we appreciate your feedback on our tutorials and are working hard to improve your SpatialOS exploration!


A bit of a problem with your Pirates for Unity tutorial:
After unzipping and installing the project, the user is instructed to run “spatial diagnose” from a command line. Problem is, it’s hard-coded to expect Unity to be in C:Program Files\Unity, and there are a significant portion of us that don’t do that.

I, for instance, am using an ssd drive for C:, which is fairly small, so most of my programs go on a separate drive. Spatial diagnose just returns an error saying Unity isn’t installed.

Also, a lot (as in most of us) have multiple versions of unity installed for various reasons. This again confuses the program since we can’t specify which path to use.

How do we fix this?


Hello @gevarre,

Welcome to the SpatialOS forums!

You are totally right and some improvements definitely need to be made to the tutorials and it is a good thing that you are raising this! :slightly_smiling_face:

Currently we do support non-default install locations for Unity. You should set your UNITY_HOME environment variable with the path to your Unity install folder as can be found in step 3.1 of the manual install guide for Windows (and I do agree that this is a non-obvious place to look at - we will improve the whole process and documentation around this).

I hope this helps to get you further! Do not hesitate to create a support thread in the Support category of the forum for any further issues that you might encounter and also don’t hesitate to bring up any more general questions / suggestions you might have to discuss them with the community!

Best regards,