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Upgrading Minor Patches Problem



Whenever I go to upgrade on a minor patch, I’ve been following the steps as listed here:

However, on step 7 it has always halted and given me an error unless I do a spatial codegen before it. Is this a missing step (though I thought spatial worker build does a codegen) or is there just a small problem with the codegen that’s part of spatial worker build not working as intended? Just had to update my project from 10 to 11.1 and then 11.1.1 and ran into this.


Hiya, sorry to hear you’re running into an issue there.
Would you be able to post the error message that appeared when running spatial worker build in step 7?


If my memory is correct, it was the last part in the build that failed in the Codegen section. The 2/2 part “Build UnityClient Workers”. I don’t remember the error I’m afraid and will be unable to duplicate it as my project is now fully updated, but both times while updating the project it would fail there until I did the spatial codegen command by itself. I’ll be sure to post the error message if it appears! Sorry I can’t be of more assistance.


No worries. That would definitely help us track down the issue if it wasn’t a transient thing. Cheers!


Ran into the same kind of issue again. Did a spatial worker clean (as I’d deleted some .schema and didn’t want them to linger) and then a spatial worker build and it gives me errors as if it didn’t do the codegen properly. If I do a spatial codegen and then spatial worker build it works just fine though. I have a nice big log file for you this time though!

Note: I do have some imports in the .schema that cause an “error” this time as they’re not used but it just ignores that anyways and I unused imports were not there last time the issue occurred.