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Use it for free?


Hello! I wonder can I use this for free? To test my game?


Hey @Xtriz3d,

SpatialOS is free to try. Our Free Tier is perfect for learning how to use SpatialOS, for prototyping, testing or launching a small game with one instance. If you want to launch a game with multiple instances, if you require more resources to prototype, or if you want to launch a more complex game, then you will need to contact us. An explanation of our charges can be found on the SpatialOS pricing page.


Hello thanks! How many players can join a free to try?



Our free tier is limited by the number and power of nodes your deployment can use. As such, the number of players you can support depends on how you write your game. Our FPS Starter Project functions on the free tier and supports 200 players, so if you’re looking to create a game of a similar complexity to a first person shooter with around 200 players you should be fine.

I recommend you download that project and start prototyping yourself, it’s much easier to get an idea for how everything works once you’ve got a project in your hands :slight_smile:


Thanks for that! I making an Co-op game that gonna be between 4 - 8 players per server. (small top down RPG game).

I gonna test download the starter project.


Nice, that will be well within the limits of the free tier, and with the spare compute you’ll be able to power a denser world with more complex systems and NPCs than would be possible without SpatialOS.

Good luck and welcome to the community :slight_smile: