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Using EntityACL writers to change entity ownership



It would be very useful for future developers to have doc’s/examples on how to manipulate an Entity’s ACL after spawning it. You need to use an EntityACL Writer to do this but the Entity ACL doc’s aren’t really clear about that.

Reference Forum Post:

Let me know if this make sense. I find it can be hard to explain this sometimes :slight_smile:


So an ACL is just another component, really, and you manipulate it in the same way as other components. For example, to edit a Position component you’d need a Position.Writer and the worker needs write access to the Position component. It’s the same for an ACL component. Does that make sense?

But that could definitely be clearer in the docs - I’ll see what I can do to make it more obvious.


I understand all this now :slight_smile: but based on the docs and initial responses on my forum post, I thought you had to call SetAcl on the entity but this turned out not to be the case. Thanks for looking into it.