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So we had an online meet with @callumb and he gave us an insteresting idea, use integers insted of floats to decrease the data traffic. So I made a type VectorInt into our schema, which was a good idea untill I noticed theres going to be a problem.

I cannot add any FORCEINLINE operators in UVectorInt.h, because they will get wiped everytime I make a new codegen. So is there any chance getting improbable::vector3I anytime soon? With operators for FVector and functions ToFVector and FromVectorInt.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi @Amis,

This is a bit of a kludge but you could add an extra step in the build process
in build.json to inject the extra code into UVectorInt.h. See for details.


@harald Is there a possibility to have both the generated build tasks file and add additional tasks manually to the build script? Or do we have to make a copy of the generated build script, modify that an use that as the tasks file?


Hi @jani.karkkainen,

I’d turn auto-generation off in worker.json (

Also depending on your project the build.json file might be in your .gitignore - if that’s the case remove it from there so that it is committed as part of the project.