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Verified Discord Server?

When / why did the Discord server convert to a verified-only server? I don’t have a phone number to attach to my development account, so it’s rather obnoxious to require one.

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Hi @abearden,

sorry to hear you’re having trouble getting into our Discord server. Unfortunately, a month or so back, we had a significant influx of spam, which meant we had to increase the security level on our Discord to stop this from happening repeatedly.

I appreciate this might not help you directly but our settings have helped us maintain the server much better and keep our Discord in good shape. Hopefully, we won’t always need this and if it changes, I’ll let you know.


Thanks, disappointing that spammers have to ruin everything but understandable.

So how can people who use this get support then??? I personally do not have a Cell phone… and if I did, I would NOT use it online anyways…for our own protection…so I guess you made my our minds, and our company will look else where. if you are going to make it hard for us to get support.

I can understand Spam issues, but there are better ways to handle spam… You can make a welcome channel, you also can have your own bots, we handled them on our servers just fine… and yes they where annoying… but to force users out the door…and not able to get support, is messed up… Best of luck… we plan to look into this but after I seen you made it impossible to use Discord, I didn’t we will look else where.

Hey @Recon,

Thanks for raising your concerns. We offer the same level of support here on our Forums, as well as our Discord. As a matter of fact, if you’re on our Discord and you’re sharing a number of logs, screenshots of errors etc, we ask you to move to the Support section of the Forums and re-post there.

This actually helps our tech and community team provide more focused support because the conversation doesn’t move as fast and we don’t lose track of your questions and any logs you’re sharing. It also helps anyone else who might encounter the same issue be able to troubleshoot it too.

Our tech, engineering and community teams monitor and respond to the Support section of the Forums as much as we do our Discord.


Thanks for this information. Yes I understand this. but getting faster support on Discord is many times required when you are in development so we grown to like Discord for this reason…forums can take days or even some forums we are totally ignored… So again this is another concern…

So please find a better way to deal with bots, spam,. and if you need help… dealing with…I run our own servers and helped others with this very issue…but to prevent users …from proper support in my eyes is a big problem. Thanks for the fast reply. I hope you understand where we are coming from.