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Viable to start developing with spatialOS for unreal?



Just received and email stating that I could start working with spatialOS GDK for unreal, this is very exciting - But is it viable to do so ?

I recall you (improbable) mentioned that it werent at a state where it was actually viable to start developing proper for SpatialOS just yet ;o

If it is though, then I’d most likely look into trying to convert my existing project into a spatialOS one, or would it be better for me to wait until sometime next year :)?

I know that worlds beyond unreals default 20km x 20km limit isnt supported yet, which as such isnt a massive issue currently as we’ll most likely just be working on a smaller section of the planned map at first anyway.

According to your Trello:

  • Supposedly Server Travel between maps isnt supported yet ? - Im guessing this means map loads, and not seamless map loading that unreal supports ?
  • Ability System (not entirely sure what this is exactly - Character specific abilities ? )
  • Dynamic Component Replication isn’t stated to work until Q1 2019 - meaning component replication in general doesn’t not work out of the box ?


Hi Mev,

At the moment, the GDK is in a place where people can start porting their existing projects to the GDK and develop alongside it. Because the GDK is in alpha, there will be some bugs and features that are missing. However with the included networking switch (where you can easily go between native Unreal networking and SpatialOS networking), it’s easy to turn the GDK on and off in case you hit issues. I would encourage you to check it out :slight_smile:

To address the features you specifically mention:

  • Going beyond 20km x 20km - Something which we definitely want to do
  • Server Travel - This will be supported extremely soon!
  • Ability System - You can learn more about it here. It’s a powerful system which many Unreal developers like to use
  • Dynamic Component Replication - This specifically refers to attaching dynamic Actor Components during gameplay. We support static Actor Component replication, which is what most use cases with Actor Components involve.


Sounds amazing!
Glad to hear that we could potentially just switch it on and off - im guessing this is possible within your forked version of the engine ?

And would it be possible to develope a game with a co-op experience using unreals native networking structure and then have a gamemode which uses spatialOS ?


Yup, our fork makes a lot of the GDK possible.

Regarding having a co-op experience using native unreal networking, this definitely sounds doable. We’ve never tried doing this so the GDK doesn’t support switching networking during runtime out of the box but with a bit of modding it could happen.


Hey @Mev

Just to let you know we just merged in the ServerTravel support.
It will work in single server configurations for the moment but with multiserver support coming soon :smiley:
Check out our docs for more detail

Make sure you pull the latest UnrealGDK and latest 4.20-SpatialOSUnrealGDK Unreal Engine fork from our repos for this to work.