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VR Playtesters



I’m looking for people with VR headsets (Vive and Rift) to help test my project, Community Garden. I need to test a few key features (Voice, Tracking, Interactions). Let me know if you or anyone you know would be interesting in helping out.


I have not much time but a vive :slight_smile: Just drop me a note when you have something to test. I try to help out!


Great thanks, I only need a little time :slight_smile: I will direct message you about details.


I’ve got a Vive as well. Am willing to give a helping hand… only ask you do me the same favour in return when i need it :wink:


Great and of course always happy to help out.


I have a rift with the motion controllers, feel free to dm me.


I know this reply is a few days late but I have a Vive on temporary loan from the office and would be happy to help if you end up doing anything again this week!