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Warning - Old versions of spatial will need updating



On 2017-02-10 we will roll out a change to the SpatialOS 9 runtime. This change is incompatible with legacy* versions of the spatial tool. Please run spatial update if you encounter any problems using spatial local start. Apoloigies for the inconvenience.

[*] This affects version of the spatial tool from January and earlier.


As of right about now, 2017-02-10 12:02 GMT, the change to the SpatialOS 9 runtime has rolled out. If you encounter errors running spatial local, please make sure you have run spatial update.


@charlie In the future can these type of updates be sent out via email? I only stumbled upon this post are wasting hours troubleshooting why out of the blue spatial wasn’t starting locally for me.


@cbdileo I’m sure something like that can be set up. It might be in the form of an opt-in mailing list; but to present more ideal solutions (and less inbox spam) we would like to do two things:

  1. Improve the spatial tool so that it can warn you of a necessary upgrade itself
  2. Improve our troubleshooting to indicate that running spatial update is a useful step to try

We always appreciate feedback, especially when it comes to workflow improvements and visibility of the platform.


I would say for the time being the opt-in email would be great. As for the tool, I think it should follow the Bundler gem workflow, if an update needs to happen you have to perform it before running any command.