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Welcome to my first launch of Hello World :)



It’s the basic tutorial set up. I’ll be working through everything the rest of the week :smiley:

If you’d like to play the basic set up for the coming hours, here are links for 5 players to use:
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5

Have fun!


Ha! was fun but I crashed when there were to many wizards. :confused:


Thanks :slight_smile: I think it’s fun too.
Yeah, I keep being thrown back close to my starting point. No idea why this is. I haven’t changed anything to the original scripts yet. I’ve just followed the tutorial to deploy…

I can’t seem to get close to the other side. I wonder why that is. Anyone any idea why it’s acting like this?


If you look at your inspector check the work load, my geuss is your server is straining to handle it. If your workload is over 1.0 it’s too much, I noticed that in the hello world demo it can get a bit crazy if you let it go for to long.


Ah, is it that? Well, that’s not good news. Both the UnityFsims are close to 3. I guess that’s the problem.

And the project is on EU servers instead of US.

11k NPC wizards at the moment. That’s a hell of a lot! I wonder what it’d do if you’ve got a live game with NPC’s, all the environments, all kinds of nodes that can be harvested, ships, creatures, and on top of that the players…

Oh, well, I’ll just keep playing on and I’ll see where it ends up. It’s fun to see nonetheless :slight_smile:

ETA: Interesting, after I had kept my character at the same place for a little while, the load got back down to 0.5 on both Fsims. The moment I started moving my character, they both went back up to close to 3…


On my personally simulations with roughly 2k zombies in a 2x2km region the servers could get to 2.0 before I ran into noticeable issues though I don’t run them for very long like that. When I first deployed with 1k zombies I had the servers going up to 5.0 and some were crashing, since then I have optimized it heavily, and now I’m actually to a pretty good level now.

Don’t know about the character killing the load, that is kinda odd. Then again I’m no genius with spatial.


Sounds good about the zombies. I think I’ll have to do some heavy experimenting when I get to the point where I’m building my own game, which is hopefully in a few days after I’ve run through the Pirates tutorial again too (haven’t done that with v9 yet.). Gotta finish the Hello World tutorial first, though.

I agree it’s odd that the character seems to be killing the load. If that happens with only one player character, the servers would almost immediately crash when there are dozens of characters online, let alone hundreds or thousands (dreaming here :smiley: )


I don’t think that’s the case, with my 2k zombies I had me and a friend and besides the load on his computer (tiny laptop running on 12 fps, ouch), the change in load on the fsims was non-existent, I believe it might be some issue on the hello-world build it-self.


Hmmmm… Maybe run a new build? Would that change it? Or do you mean in the entire default project?

I wonder if it has something to do with the Obsolete warning I mentioned here.


I mean the entire default project, what I did for mine was gut the pirates project, and rebuild all the needed code into my own style (I stay away from using multiple scripts on one entity, and instead try to get it down to just the necessities). But yea, there might be some issue in the actual project, I doubt re-building would help immensely, I think it’s just the way the information to and from the server is handled.


I think you may have a point. I’m going to see what happens when I close the player client. If these loads keep happening, it’s not the connectivity part between the player and the server, but it’s on the server itself.


Please note, it’s pretty quick to close the deployment and run spatial deployment launch again, and I would suggest it, just a courtesy to the kind folks at spatial, I’m sure somewhere there is a server overheating :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I’m going to bed myself, so I’m gonna close it anyway. I did notice the load still spikes to 4 while I’m not logged in. So something is definitely going on.


The load balancing configuration in HelloWorld is static: only 2 workers are spawned.
You keep spawning NPCs by default: which increases the load on the server: because we don’t launch any more FSIMs (because of the load balance config) things slow down.
In a scenario where your hardware resources are limited: you’ll have to implement a population cap on the wizards and lumberjacks :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Ah, that explains a lot! Thanks for the explanation, @callumb!

Are we limited similarly for a normal game development? Or is this just because it’s a tutorial game? ( I assume the latter, but good to know :smile: ) (thinking about my players being gathered on ships upon character creation and such and loads… loads of NPC’s and very large bucketloads of other entities :smiley: )

Thanks again!