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What does the `Resources/EntityPrefabs` folder do?



Does anyone know what the folder Resources/EntityPrefabs do? I like my top-level folder to be rather clean and if it is generated data: would it perhaps be better to put it inside the Improbable folder?


I think it’s basically just another path that the Unity SDK looks into for prefabs that should be exported as asset bundles (and associated with entities).

Being in the Resources folder allows prefabs in there to be dynamically searched and loaded as part of Unity’s Resouces.Load system. Interestingly enough, it is unlikely that you would do that unless you have chosen a different template provider to work with the lifecycle of how SpatialOS instantiates gameobjects based on entity prefabs.


Perhaps my question is more: can this be moved as a subfolder to the Improbable main folder? IIRC Resources doesn’t need to be a root folder to work and as it is it is mainly an empty folder