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What is the relationship between game templates and deployment

It looks like we need to select a template for each deployment, and the template looks like a cloud server (like AWS EC2)

The question is does a game like " Multiple deployments for session-based games" with multiple deployment require one machine for each deployment?

If my deployment is large and requires many servers, do I need to configure multiple templates?

Can I use multiple templates in the game?

Hey @wang-yb,

Each template is everything you need to host a deployment on SpatialOS. Each deployment needs one template, with the size of the template dependent upon the complexity of the deployment. For session-based games, this means you would normally need a different template for each match.

If you have a large deployment that requires multiple servers, you still only need a single template for your game world, albeit a larger one. Larger templates contain multiple workers and can spread across multiple servers. For example, the w16_r2000_e20 contains 16 server-side cores for workers, as well as egress and the SpatialOS runtime. You do not need to combine multiple templates yourself for a single large deployment.

You can use multiple templates for your game, but only one template per deployment. Hope this helps.

Nee :slightly_smiling_face: