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What kinda softwares do I need to download



It’s a very exciting idea, I hope I can use it soon.

As a consumer, what kind of softwares do I need to download to start making my world?


Hi @viet!

First of all: Welcome to our forum and happy first steps in starting with SpatialOS! Great to see your enthusiasm and you’re at the right place to help you get started.

For the basic software requirements:

  • Windows / Mac (with at least 8Gb of RAM, 16 would be better - but that’s hardware anyway).
  • Java SDK (javac & co)
  • Unity (if you want to develop things with Unity integration) or any other kind of compiler / SDK for the language integration you want to use.
  • Our SDK that you can download from this site with your account.

Some other minor things… It’s all summed up nicely in our documentation: