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What's Coming in SpatialOS 10.0



Hi All,

We are pleased to introduce SpatialOS version 10. This version is intended to fix those little remaining niggles after the big changes in 9.X. This release also includes a bunch of cool new experimental features to the Unity SDK moving us towards a more native Unity workflow.

Here are the big changes:

Reader/Writer Brush-Up: The version 10 reader and writer API’s will be better than ever. More details on this coming soon!

(Experimental) Spatial Commands From Unity: Keep your eyes peeled for an experimental new feature in the Unity SDK that allows you to run the CLI commands from within Unity! No more constant switching the console to run commands.

(Experimental) Spatial Components In Unity: SpatialOS version 10 introduces component mono-behaviours in Unity. Created in response to great demand, this feature will allow you to see the properties of components updating in real time in Unity! This also unlocks a bunch of other super sweet features for the future… Stay tuned!

Mergeable Snapshots: A lot of people have been complaining that when they commit snapshots to VCS they find it hard to use merge tools to combine them. Version 10 now includes the ability to export snapshots as json so you can read and merge them!

Worker Permissions: This feature will allow you to define what permissions a worker has. For example, you could now say that client workers are not allowed to spawn entities like the Sword of Justice.

Spatial CLI command sanity: The spatial CLI has grown ‘organically’ over time :). As such, the way the commands are laid out is pretty darn confusing. Version 10 restructures things in a way that is hopefully more intuitive. The old commands are still there for the time being so you’ll need to ‘opt-in’ if you want to use the new structure in this release.

Making Unity API’s a bit nicer: From 10 onwards we want to try as much as possible to not break the API’s for users. We gathered a bunch of feedback and got to a second iteration of our Worker Equality APIs. More details on this coming soon!

API renames: In version 10, a couple of API names have changed to be slightly more descriptive. ‘Worker predicates’ become ‘worker requirements’ and ‘worker claims’ become ‘worker attributes’. This will make some common code nice and readable!

And that’s all the big stuff. The current aim is to have the out before the end of February. Keep checking the forums for more details on these fun new features!

Announcing SpatialOS 10.0.0 (currently in development