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What's Coming in SpatialOS 10.2



Hey folks,

SpatialOS 10.2 is on the horizon and will be reaching you shortly. It will bring a few new features and some bugfixes. Highlights below:

  • Fluent response handlers for world commands - OnSuccess and OnFailure methods will be added to all world commands (e.g., CreateEntity). :palm_tree:
  • Experimental MonoBehaviours - we’re adding RegisterResponse and RegisterAsyncResponse methods to command handlers to be symmetric with the existing commands APIs.
  • Build with multiple Unity versions - a new optional environment variable (UNITY_HOME) can be specified to build with a specific version of Unity.
  • Simpler worker build process - no longer have to manually run spatial worker build gsim at any point. :bow_and_arrow:

Stay tuned for a 10.3 announcement soon :wink:


Anything new for Unreal?


@Rhynedahll the next set of Unreal changes are lined up after 10.2. We’re working on official 4.15 support and some changes to the project structure and layout.

Not sure exactly what SDK version that will be yet, but it will be released before or as part of 10.3.


@morrison Cool! Thanks. :slight_smile:


Still no support for building with more scenes?

I do like the new handlers for the commands and not having to rebuild the gsim now is nice :slight_smile:


Not yet @judah4. It’s near the top of our list, though!


Nice :slight_smile:


Hey everyone,

Happy to announce that 10.2.0 is now available :fireworks:


@judah4 multiple scene support has just been released with 10.3.0 - see the documentation to get started :slight_smile: