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What's Coming in SpatialOS 11.0


Hey folks,

Super excited to announce that SpatialOS 11.0 is in the pipe and will be arriving over the next few weeks, presuming everything goes smoothly!

With SpatialOS 11.0, we’ve finally removed the legacy GSim worker (for those of you that are new - this was a legacy mandated Scala-based worker that is the reason you currently have a gsim folder sitting in your projects). There are some huge improvements related to this in 11.0 :slight_smile:

Here are the highlights:

  • No more gsim folder. This mean reduced codegen time, build time, local and cloud launch time for all projects. On HelloWorld, we’ve seen savings of ~50%!
  • Unity & Unreal entity creation pipelines. You’ll be able to customise exactly what happens when an entity is checked out (e.g., represent that entity as an element in a map, or disable entity pooling). Existing behaviour is preserved by default.
  • New first-class components for Metadata (contains the entity type used in the inspector), Position (load balancing position used by the runtime) and Persistence (you can now decide on a per-entity basis whether that entity should be persisted in snapshots).
  • Simplified entity ACL structure :sunflower:

There are a bunch of smaller bugfixes, improvements and features that you can look forward to as well <3

Looking forward to getting this in your hands!