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When will we see the next update to SpatialOS?



I’m wondering when the next update will be for SpatialOS. Specifically support for Unity 2018.3 and some information on the “Flexible Project Layout Integration”. It would be so nice to see some release notes or a timeline, especially since Spatial is being used in production already.


Just found the release notes! The’re in the blank project folder. Also, how will we know what the exact folder structure of SpatialOS is and if it could ever disappear? I can’t find any information on either of those topics. Could someone direct me?


Also looking forward to getting a GDK that works stably out of the box with unity 2018.3 - some very important updates in this version of Unity for my project.


It is already supported. It has been merged into master and is therefore shipped.

You can find it here:

The news on this forum is a great place to see what’s new. You could also look on GitHub for specific commits. However there is still no good timeline for the releases.

A side note, don’t do what I did and put multiple questions in a single post. Instead post multiple posts regarding only one topic.