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Where should I start?

Very new to all of this so I’m obviously going to have a harder time. Using UE4, there’s many resources on network replication but I’m unfamiliar with spatial os. Unfortunately I’m new to bps and can’t really read code well. I wanted to build on top of GDK shooter but it seems very complicated with the mix of c++ too. There’s also not many video tutorials. Will there be more indepth sample projects and how the bps and code function for the projects in video form? Its unfortunate Ive only found about 6-10 on the subject that don’t go indepth.

Hi @war40k,

We are working on a “getting started” content, but I’d say that having knowledge of c++ will be important for development in UE4 regardless if you use SpatialOS or not.

Nevertheless, for SpatialOS, The best place to get started is in our documentation.

I suggest you first go over the “Concepts” section - - It’s very important to get familiar with SpatialOS concepts and naming conventions before jumping into development.

After you’re comfortable with the concepts jump to the “GDK for Unreal” docs - - go over the “Get Started” section to get your environment properly set up. Make sure to go over each step carefully to avoid missing any of the steps.

Next, check the “Example Project” - - this will help you set up our example project.

Finally, if you want to migrate an existing UE4 project to SpatialOS check out the “Port your project to SpatialOS” section -