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Which games are you looking forward to in 2017? (Worlds Adrift made a Top 10 list!)



Hi all!

Worlds Adrift, a SpatialOS game being made by Bossa Studios, made it into a Top 10 list of highly anticipated PC games for this year! You can check out the video here:

It got me thinking - what are you guys looking forward to this year? and is anything missing from that list? (let’s not limit the discussion to PC-exclusives necessarily)

For starters, I’m really interested in how Resident Evil 7 will turn out and whether it will really represent a change of direction for the series - the last time that happened we got Resident Evil 4 - so here’s hoping!


Is there likely to be an Overwatch 2? Because if so, I’m looking forward to that.

I’m only 4 hours into the last guardian and I’m more likely to bring out the PS2 and play shadow of the colossus than anything else :slight_smile:

Red Dead 2 would be a win win win !


Destiny 2 is almost certainly going to be announced so I’m curious to see how Bungie iterate on their ‘MMO’ shooter and the rumoured PC version.

After being shocked by how absolutely brilliant Watch Dogs 2 was with its integration of seamless multiplayer, the bar has been set pretty high. Destiny’s obvious instance separation, constant menu interruptions and loading screens won’t hold up again and I’m hoping that being unshackled from last-generation systems will let them aim for the stars (and hit the mark).

Also, I seem to be the one person who thinks that mimicking mouse cursors via analogue sticks is a fundamental UI sin so am keeping my fingers crossed that they excise that element from the HUD. Unfortunately, popular opinion may sway them otherwise…


I’m really interested by Destiny 2; it It feels like Destiny has had less heat recently - as you’d expect of a two year old game - but a lot of people are still playing it.

Also, Tacoma - I thought Gone Home was a really nice piece of level design, and I’m interested to see what Fullbright does as a sophomore project.